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St Vital Centre Exhibit
May 31, 2018
St Vital Centre Exhibit

Summer’s around the corner and it’s time to do that Family Portrait you’ve been wanting to do for the past 6 years! To help you with that Impact Photographic Design is at St Vital Centre all this week until closing time Sunday June 3rd/18.  Come by, say hi, talk about your Portraits and enter to WIN a Family Portrait Package Worth over $1,100.00! Share this post with your friends is the time to finally do something special for your family!   See you at Centre Court! ...

Canadian Imaging Conference 2018 - Vancouver
May 18, 2018
St Vital Centre Exhibit

2018 Canadian Imaging Conference Vancouver, British Columbia So a few months ago I was selected (for the 3rd time) as one of the Judges for the Professional Photographers of Canada's National Image Competition.  This competition happens yearly and is a big deal in the photographic industry.It's your one chance to impress the judges with outstanding work and earn potential merits towards your eventual goal of attaining the title of Master of Photographic Arts.  Most photographers never come close to attaining that achievement during their entire career. It's a proud brag for me to to say I earned mine when I was still a young pup at 28 yers old - the ...

Age is only a number....
April 20, 2018
St Vital Centre Exhibit

Meet Charley, a 21 year old female kitty cat that loves to snuggle!  Charley is named after Charlie Chaplin because of her distinct "moustache".  Charley and her Mom Janice  have gone through a lot together, side by side. After all, two decades is a very long time!  Being a senior cat special care was taken to make sure she was totally comfortable and relaxed during the session.  Even though Charley is in very good health for her age, being the equivalent of 100 year old human is pretty special and someone you want to be gentle with.  Charley was chose as "Star of the Month" at Henderson Animal Hospital where I take my own little kitty Patches. They ...

Archived Blog Posts
July 12, 2017
St Vital Centre Exhibit

Classic Blog SiteClick the following link to take you to Impact Photographic Design's archived Classic Blog site.  There you will be able to read all the previous posts created before July of 2017..Winnipeg