PPA Super 1Day - Canada

The only PPA Super 1Day program in Canada is taking place in Winnipeg!

Interested in learning both the technical as well as the psychology aspects of how to create images that "WOW" your client? This is the class for you!  Advanced compositional techniques are explored and explained as to how to manipulate the viewer's subconscious mind into liking the photograph in front of them more....leading to more appreciation of your work and better sales. Lighting techniques will be explained in this course and demonstrated by your instructor to help your images stand out from the rest. The key elements of this course will include: advanced compositional and lighting techniques (both in studio as well as outdoors), Dean Collin's "Chromazone System,” and off camera flash (both as a main light as well as a fill) to make location and outdoor work easier!  


Before September 26th, 2017 = US$99

September 27th 2017 and onward registration and at the door = US$120 


Register at: www.ImpactSeminars.ca